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Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison’s slogan is “When monogamy becomes monotony!” Online dating service that helps singles from USA, UK, Canada and Ireland to meet. The service has lots of interesting solutions that make communicating funny and entertaining. 
Data base: About 2 000 000.  Geographic Regions covered: United States, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain.




Ashley Madison Agency.

Special features: Priority mail bumps your message to the front of the line and makes sure your message is read before the Member can access any other mail in their general inbox. You also get an email notice advising when your mail has been read.
Private Showcase Key makes your picture confidential. You may hide your pictures from other users. As soon as you want someone see your picture, you can send Key to view your Private Showcase.
Favorite’s folder.
The Panic Button is used when you must quickly 'escape' the Ashley Madison main screen, without logging out of your account.

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Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant accidentally have a date arranged for them by

LOS ANGELES, CA — When Kobe Bryant registered for, he didn’t know what he expected to find. However, after an unusual turn of events this week, Bryant was taken completely aback.
Bryant signed up for which is a website that caters exclusively to people seeking to have affairs. After several days he found a number of potential matches, and ultimately, he settled on one vixen; LakerWife2020.
So the pair set an initial meeting and decided to have dinner at an off-the-beaten path Chinese joint where neither of them would be recognized.
“I thought I’d just go on there and check it out,” Kobe Bryant said. “You never know what you’re going to find. I’ve cheated on my wife a lot in the past, but I’ve never really had an affair, you know. So I was really excited about the prospects.”
However, when Bryant showed up, he was surprised to find that the vixen he’d selected was actually his wife, Vanessa Bryant.
“It was weird,” Kobe said. “At first there was a moment of abject panic. Then we both realized what’s going on; after all, ‘Must Love Dogs‘ is one of our favorite movies. So we just had a good laugh and then ate some moo shu pork.”
Vanessa was amazed at the odds of this happening.
“When I went in on, I put in my requirements” 6′6 black guy who is a multimillionaire and a pro athlete,” she said. “I got 200 responses, but only 24 of them were in the LA area. What are the odds that Kobe would be one of those two dozen people?”
Kobe said that he had a great time on the impromptu date with his wife.




Wildly popular infidelity dating site promises members an "Affair to Remember" within three months or their money back.

The naughty folks at have struck again. In the wake of Oprahs new series "Why Men Cheat," the dating site specifically designed to help married people cheat on their spouses has announced a brand new promotion. Members who purchase an Ashley Madison "Affair Guarantee" Package and don't experience an Affair to Remember within three months will receive a complete refund. Take that! According to Ashley Madison President, Noel Biderman, "Oprah wants to know why men cheat. Because they can! Particularly on Ashley Madison."

This offer will top off a controversial summer for the site which they kicked off by erecting a risqué billboard in the middle of Times Square! made headlines again last month when they began running commercials on ESPN. The ads ignited a national debate over whether the 1st amendment also protected the horny.

Summer of 2008 truly was especially hot for Ashley Madison. Their membership grew exponentially in July and August as Madonna and A-rod became "soul mates", Sienna frolicked with Balthazar, and John Edwards got caught with his pants down.

According to Biderman, "August was Ashley Madison's biggest month in its six year history. With over 2.5 millions members spread over all 50 states and a new member joining every 20 seconds, I feel 100% confident offering our members an Affair to Remember or their money back. No questions asked." Ashley Madison is the world's largest dating service for men and women who are currently in relationships but looking for more. The site has been featured everywhere from Larry King Live to Howard Stern, CNN, Ellen, Fox News, 20/20, Extra!, and countless others.

According to the August issue of Maxim, "In the Brave new world of illicit online dating, you no longer have to tell lies on the back end. With more than two million subscribers worldwide, advertising on network TV, in print, and on the radio, and billboards soaring above the L.A. skyline, the six-year old Ashley Madison is the biggest and most profitable infidelity site."

2 Million and Counting!

LOS ANGELES, May 7,2008 The world's largest infidelity dating service, announced today that their membership base has doubled in just one year to an impressive 2 million members!

To celebrate this milestone, Ashley Madison has offered their 2 millionth member, Hillary08, 2 million free credits.

"Infidelity isn't on the rise, it's just shifting from the office to online," said Noel Biderman, Avid Dating Life Inc. President and CEO. "By choosing the anonymous service that Ashley Madison provides as opposed to an office romance, Hillary08 is in a much better position to find what she needs while safeguarding herself from unwanted repercussions. We go to great lengths to protect our members' privacy."

With 85% of all new members hailing from the US, Ashley Madison boasts members in every state -- including Alaska and Hawaii. California tops the list of fastest growing states with an incredible 205% increase in membership since last year. New Jersey and New York follow suit with 172% and 155% respectively with Pennsylvania and Florida rounding out the top 5.

Affair Guarantee Program!

Rules Under the Affair Guarantee Program, (the "Affair Guarantee Program" or the "Program") if you don't find someone within the initial 3 months after purchasing the "Affair Guarantee" Membership Package, they will refund you $249, being the amount you paid for participating in the Program (the "Refund").

The Guarantee Program is available for a limited time only, and open to anyone. Additionally, to be eligible for the Program and the Refund, you must: Comply at all times with the Terms of Use. By using the website and participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use.

Details on approval of your profile and primary photo available at FAQ. See their site full details Ashley Madison Agency

Program rules last updated September 15, 2008.

Billboard in Times Square, New York

NY,, August 25, 2008

Was Biderman angry his billboard got taken down? His response: “Disappointed but not deterred.” He’s also quick to point out, “There’s absolutely nothing illegal in what we do. We offer freedom of choice.” Of course, Ashley Madison’s critics, who feel the site flaunts and romanticizes cheating, would call that "freedom" an encouragement of immorality. But Biderman has a point: “I don’t think a billboard is going to convince you to commit adultery. It just makes you aware of our service. People come to us because we offer them a lack of judgment. Step back and look at marriage and divorce rates. Monogamy is obviously up for debate.”
With a new television commercial out this month—it's National Infidelity Month, apparently—Ashley Madison is bound to offend America yet again. Opening with a shot of a man in bed next to a pudgy lady friend who turns out to be his wife, the ad tells us, “Most of us can recover from a one-night stand with the wrong woman, but not when it’s every night for the rest of our lives.” Women’s blogs are already bemoaning the spot’s sexist undertones, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, Biderman is getting ready for big things beyond Infidelity Month, like his New Year’s resolution for the site. Come January, he’ll be instituting a guarantee: thanks to Ashley Madison, users will have an affair—or their money back.

Angelina Jolie Cheating on Brat

Cheating Wife Editor; • : Cheating Wife Story

Jennifer and Aniston were regarded by many as the King and Queen of Hollywood couples, not only did they make a great and attractive couple, they seemed to have a great deal of affection and love for each other, and there was a real chemistry between the two. It came as a huge shock to many of us then when there were rumours and allegations that Brad Pitt had an illicit affair with Angelina Jolie.

Katie Holmes Gets an Indecent Proposal

Posted May 13, 2008 5:14PM by TMZ Staff

Katie HolmesA controversial, adulterous hookup website wants to "free Katie" from her husband! Mission Impossible ... Three!

TMZ has exclusively learned that, an online dating service for married people, has offered the third Mrs. Cruise a free lifetime membership -- so she can seek out a "meaningful relationship" and "fill her lonely bed." Sometimes, a gal needs more than a battery-operated buddy! The site offers complete anonymity to all its members, and claims to have enrolled over 1.4 million wannabe cheaters -- including some of Hollywood's A-listers! Paging Charlie Sheen!

While Katie is used to getting offers she can't refuse, for once it isn't from her Scientolohubby! Deprogramming starts ... now!


Notorious “other woman” and “affair expert” Sarah Symonds named as new spokeswoman for infidelity dating sites & for cheating spouse.

January 24, 2008 – Avid Dating Life Inc., operators of AshleyMadison, the world’s largest dating service of its kind, servicing over 1.8 million registered users in a social networking community catering to like-minded adults in committed relationships, today introduced Sarah Symonds as their new spokesperson and relationship expert.

Symonds shot to fame last year with the release of her book Having an Affair?: A Handbook for the Other Woman, which details her own highly publicized indiscretions, including an affair with best-selling author and politician
Jeffrey Archer. Symonds book has become the gold-standard manifesto on how to be a “successful” mistress.

“Sarah’s mix of personal experience and practical advice for all those involved in or considering forbidden love affairs make her the perfect choice to be the voice of Ashley Madison,” said Noel Biderman, Avid Dating Life Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our site provides a safe and non-judgmental avenue for the attached-but-lovelorn to revitalize their intimacies. Sarah’s honest and powerful views on adultery will bring insight and understanding not only to our subscribers, but to society in general.

More Press releases HotorNot purchased by avid

Ashley Madison in the News Oct 8, 2008

It seems for some people that when it rains, it pours.  In case you missed it, former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer was reported in the New York Times as being a client in a prostitution ring that was under investigation by the federal government.  Spitzer was forced to resign from his post following immense public pressure.

Spitzer is reported to have spent over $80,000 on prostitutes during his tenure as first New York State Attorney General and then as Governor.  To compound Spitzer’s problem, he was also married with three children.

Never missing a chance for some free PR, online dating site Ashley Madison Agency took out a full page newspaper ad in the New York Post to capitalize on Spitzer’s misfortune.  Ashley Madison is an online dating site that caters to married couples looking to have a discreet affair .  The website bills itself as the place to go when “monogamy turns into monotony.”

The ad, made out to look like an email to Spitzer and copied to New York State, states that “fooling around with ‘professionals’ is bound to get you into hot water.”   It goes on to further state that “we hate to say we told you so.  Approaching an affair the wrong way is always a recipe for disaster … We’re all of the fun and none of the trouble. …No headlines, no scandals.”

Advice that Spitzer probably could have used the ashley madison agency ….


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